10 Reasons Why Amarendra Bahubali Is The Ideal Husband Every Girl In 21st Century Needs <3

So, lots have been spoken about the story, the VFXs, the huge sets, direction, jewellery, attires, make-ups & performances of all the Bahubali characters, In the midst of all this, we just forgot to appreciate Amarendra Bahubali as Devsena’s Husband. The way he supported her, adored her and of course loved her. Have a look at these reasons why Amarendra Bahubali is The Ideal Husband Every Girl In 21st Century Needs:
1- Mumma’s Boy, But Wife’s Darling:
We all saw the scene where Amarendra says “Devsena ko kisi ne haath bhi lagaya toh samjho Bahubali ki talwar ko haath laga diya”. And those claps and whistles from girls did not stop. Why? Because Bahu supported her in whatever she said to Rajmata knowing she was true and his Maa wasn’t. Yes he is Mumma’s Boy but with this act he proved he is a darling to his girl.

2- Be Who You Are:
Amarendra could have easily revealed his identity and would have asked Devsena to get married to him. But he did not show that “King’s Attitude” and he tried to pataofy Devsena with his simplicity. That’s what girls expect these days. Be what you are, A Human First & A King Later 

3- Respect Her & Yes Her Family Too:
We saw how Katappa revealed Bahu’s identity as a great “SAMRAT OF MAHISHMATI” and everyone including Devsena’s family bows down to him, But Amarendra simply said “Sambandhi ek dusre ke gale lagte hai, unke aage jhukte nahi hai maharaj” And that’s exactly a girl’s wish today, do not let their family feel inferior or secondary to a boy’s family. And this is where Devsena lost her heart to Bahubali

4- Always Be There In Need Of A Help:
In one scene we saw how Devsena lost her balance while walking towards the boat, Bahubali jumps into the water and Devsena walks over him and sits in that boat. Doesn’t matter if you are a King or just any other guy, for your wife you should be available in any given situation and whenever she needs you. #CoupleGoals #BahuAndDevsena

5- Sacrifice For Her:
Amarendra Bahubali was appointed as a King of Mahishmati Kingdom by Rajmata but he sacrificed it for Devsena and became a leader of Mahishmati’s army instead. Now that’s what a real man does, sacrifices the highest post for his wife’s respect and does a job that his mother tells him to do. He plays so smart here, Biwi ki izzat bhi rakh li aur Maa ka maan bhi.

6- Never Interfere When A Wife & Mother Argues or Fights:
A scene in a movie shows how Devsena argues with Shivgami over the post of the Leader of Army taken from Bahu & given to someone else. Here we see how Bahu does the best what today’s men must do, Keep Mum when your wife and your mom are fighting over something. Do Not Interfere. 😉 😛

7- Be Friends With The Guy Who Had Crush On Your Wife:
Kumar, a very important, funny & prominent character in the movie had a crush on Devsena and wanted to get married to her. Knowing this, Amarendra still becomes a good friend to him even after getting married. We will just be insecure about our wives talking to a man who had a crush on her. Just let her talk to any man in the world, your love should not make you feel insecure. #BeLikeBahubali

8- Don’t Let Any Man Disrespect Your Lady:
The very famous scene where Devsena chops the fingers of the man trying to put his hands on her and then Bahu comes and cuts him into two. The most amazing scene of the movie right? But what did you learn from that? No you don’t have to kill the person misbehaving with your wife, he is Bahubali he can do it, you cannot, you can simply act according to the law & order of your country & take him to police, put him behind the bars and that would be good enough to respect your lady. Also this will make your wife feel like you are Bahubali & she is Devsena 😉

9- If She Is Not Good At Something Teach Her Like A Friend & With Respect:
We know how Bahubali taught Devsena to kill those enemies with 3 arrows and a bow, Devsena was trying hard to learn that. Bahu helped her with those skills so gracefully. Every girl needs such supportive husband today who teaches her and supports her in whatever, whenever and wherever needed.

10- Because He Is Intelligent, Smart, Hot & Handsome:
Yes, every girl in 21st century needs a partner who is Smart & Intelligent like Amarendra Bahubali. The way he uses those skills to kill enemy to the way he cares and respects a woman, he is just perfect husband material for a 21st century girl. And of course he is Hot & Handsome too 😛

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