Not-So-Newlywed Bride Posts 6th Wedding Album On Social Media


A woman that has been married for over a year has today posted her 6th album of professional wedding photos onto social media.

While still attempting to flog the ‘hashtag’ used for her wedding last March, Kiara Bowler (nee. Hatton) has peppered the newsfeeds of Facebook and Instagram with pictures of her posing with her husband shortly after their vows – as well as a series of the bridesmaids sitting cross-legged in matching shower robes.

Captioned as “Still can’t believe this happened #TheBowlers” – this particular album looks very similar to the last five – although her close friends are responding as though they didn’t even realise she had gotten married.

“WOW. You looked beautiful” comments one of her friends.

“Babe” writes another.

With no solid plans for starting a family as of yet, it is believed Kiara will have to continue flogging the not-yet-seen photographs of last year’s ceremony until she has an early stage ultrasound to share with the world.


10 Reasons Why Amarendra Bahubali Is The Ideal Husband Every Girl In 21st Century Needs <3

So, lots have been spoken about the story, the VFXs, the huge sets, direction, jewellery, attires, make-ups & performances of all the Bahubali characters, In the midst of all this, we just forgot to appreciate Amarendra Bahubali as Devsena’s Husband. The way he supported her, adored her and of course loved her. Have a look at these reasons why Amarendra Bahubali is The Ideal Husband Every Girl In 21st Century Needs:
1- Mumma’s Boy, But Wife’s Darling:
We all saw the scene where Amarendra says “Devsena ko kisi ne haath bhi lagaya toh samjho Bahubali ki talwar ko haath laga diya”. And those claps and whistles from girls did not stop. Why? Because Bahu supported her in whatever she said to Rajmata knowing she was true and his Maa wasn’t. Yes he is Mumma’s Boy but with this act he proved he is a darling to his girl.

2- Be Who You Are:
Amarendra could have easily revealed his identity and would have asked Devsena to get married to him. But he did not show that “King’s Attitude” and he tried to pataofy Devsena with his simplicity. That’s what girls expect these days. Be what you are, A Human First & A King Later 

3- Respect Her & Yes Her Family Too:
We saw how Katappa revealed Bahu’s identity as a great “SAMRAT OF MAHISHMATI” and everyone including Devsena’s family bows down to him, But Amarendra simply said “Sambandhi ek dusre ke gale lagte hai, unke aage jhukte nahi hai maharaj” And that’s exactly a girl’s wish today, do not let their family feel inferior or secondary to a boy’s family. And this is where Devsena lost her heart to Bahubali

4- Always Be There In Need Of A Help:
In one scene we saw how Devsena lost her balance while walking towards the boat, Bahubali jumps into the water and Devsena walks over him and sits in that boat. Doesn’t matter if you are a King or just any other guy, for your wife you should be available in any given situation and whenever she needs you. #CoupleGoals #BahuAndDevsena

5- Sacrifice For Her:
Amarendra Bahubali was appointed as a King of Mahishmati Kingdom by Rajmata but he sacrificed it for Devsena and became a leader of Mahishmati’s army instead. Now that’s what a real man does, sacrifices the highest post for his wife’s respect and does a job that his mother tells him to do. He plays so smart here, Biwi ki izzat bhi rakh li aur Maa ka maan bhi.

6- Never Interfere When A Wife & Mother Argues or Fights:
A scene in a movie shows how Devsena argues with Shivgami over the post of the Leader of Army taken from Bahu & given to someone else. Here we see how Bahu does the best what today’s men must do, Keep Mum when your wife and your mom are fighting over something. Do Not Interfere. 😉 😛

7- Be Friends With The Guy Who Had Crush On Your Wife:
Kumar, a very important, funny & prominent character in the movie had a crush on Devsena and wanted to get married to her. Knowing this, Amarendra still becomes a good friend to him even after getting married. We will just be insecure about our wives talking to a man who had a crush on her. Just let her talk to any man in the world, your love should not make you feel insecure. #BeLikeBahubali

8- Don’t Let Any Man Disrespect Your Lady:
The very famous scene where Devsena chops the fingers of the man trying to put his hands on her and then Bahu comes and cuts him into two. The most amazing scene of the movie right? But what did you learn from that? No you don’t have to kill the person misbehaving with your wife, he is Bahubali he can do it, you cannot, you can simply act according to the law & order of your country & take him to police, put him behind the bars and that would be good enough to respect your lady. Also this will make your wife feel like you are Bahubali & she is Devsena 😉

9- If She Is Not Good At Something Teach Her Like A Friend & With Respect:
We know how Bahubali taught Devsena to kill those enemies with 3 arrows and a bow, Devsena was trying hard to learn that. Bahu helped her with those skills so gracefully. Every girl needs such supportive husband today who teaches her and supports her in whatever, whenever and wherever needed.

10- Because He Is Intelligent, Smart, Hot & Handsome:
Yes, every girl in 21st century needs a partner who is Smart & Intelligent like Amarendra Bahubali. The way he uses those skills to kill enemy to the way he cares and respects a woman, he is just perfect husband material for a 21st century girl. And of course he is Hot & Handsome too 😛

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Couple tie the knot on Mount Everest

On top of the world! Couple spend three WEEKS trekking through the snow to tie the knot on Mount Everest (and the bride STILL wears a wedding dress)
James Sissom, 35, and Ashley Schmieder, 32, from California, tied the knot at Mount Everest Base Camp
Couple faced difficult terrain, altitude sickness and sub-zero temperatures on the gruelling three-week trip
Every moment was captured by a specialist wedding photographer who achieved breathtaking results

Every couple wants their wedding day to be one to remember, but this couple went above and beyond to make sure theirs was unlike any other.
James Sissom, 35, and Ashley Schmieder, 32, from California, travelled thousands of miles and spent days trekking through the snow to tie the knot on Mount Everest.
The adventurous newlyweds, who spent a year planning the trip, braved freezing temperatures, gruelling terrain and altitude sickness on their way to Everest Base Camp, where they exchanged vows at 17,000ft above sea level.


On top of the world: James Sissom and Ashley Schmeider travelled thousands of miles to tie the knot on Mount Everest


Gruelling: The adventurous couple, pictured, spent months training for the three-week trek to Everest Base Camp


Touch of tradition: Ashley slipped into her breathtaking strapless wedding gown inside the team’s tent, pictured
Ashley said: ‘After much deliberation, we decided a traditional wedding was not the right fit for us. As much as we would have loved to share our special day with our family and friends, we were both drawn to the idea of eloping during an incredible vacation.
‘We both are avid lovers of the outdoors and had experience at altitude up to 14,000 feet, but we knew the three week Everest Base Camp trek would be far more physically and mentally demanding than anything we’ve experienced.

While the ceremony was certainly unconventional, the couple brought a touch of tradition to the occasion with their outfits. Ashley looked radiant in a figure-hugging embellished gown while James looked dashing in a suit.


Unforgettable: The couple were snapped by specialist adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill

Sensible shoes: While many brides splash out on heels for their wedding day, Ashley opted for a pair of practical hiking boots

ramatic: The newlyweds were captured in their wedding finery against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountain range


Man and wife: The intrepid couple exchanged vows – and rings – at Everest Base Camp, some 17,000ft above sea level
Sealed with a kiss: The couple hold each other in a loving embrace as they celebrate their marriage in the clouds
Natural beauty: The snow-capped peaks of the mountain range provided a spectacular backdrop for the wedding photos
View from the top: Arms wrapped around each other, the newlyweds gaze towards the world’s highest peak
The day was documented by specialist adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill, from California, who accompanied the couple to document the incredible journey.
He said: ‘I wanted to document a real couple getting married, the journey along the way, the pain, the happiness, the tiredness, the struggles, as well as the romantic chemistry of the couple.
‘More than that, I wanted to portray the contrast that exists between the intimidatingly majestic mountains and the small, fragile love between two humans.’
On their way: After a year of planning, James and Ashley set off from their home in California to start their trek in Nepal


The world is falling in love with Portugal’s best ever Eurovision entry


Salvador Sobral will sing Amar Pelos Dois at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv but he’s not been able to get to rehearsals.

Instead his sister Luisa (the songwriter) has stepped in during the technical rehearsals. Salvador has a heart condition and cannot leave his medical team for two weeks.
He will arrive in time for the dress rehearsals as second favourite to win Eurovision. The news was confirmed in Portugal’s Eurovision press conference by his sister Luisa.

Initially, Savador wanted to keep his potentially life-threatening condition a secret but following his performance of Amar Pelos Dois in the Portuguese national final, he required urgent surgery to repair two hernias.

He was able to perform in the final and won the ticket to Eurovision despite still being in recovery. In a moving moment, his sister Luisa joined in to reprise the song.

Make no mistake, this song is a big contender and the performance has been kept as simple as possible to help Savador compete without problems when he arrives.
It’s almost unchanged from the national final winning routine. There is no movement on stage, but that only strengthens the impact of this timeless melody.

Sticking to Portuguese maintains the charm and charisma of this song that pulls at the heartstrings through musical composition. It could have been a Eurovision winner in the 1950s, and it could be a Eurovision winner in 2017.
Salvador shies away from the media and does not want Eurovision votes out of sympathy. He doesn’t want to make an issue out of his medical condition and there is no reference to it on the official Eurovision website. He won’t need sympathy votes with a song like this anyway.
It’s so different to anything else in the competition this year, it is almost certain to become Portugal’s most successful Eurovision entry.


Blackout Curtains That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Penthouse Above A Large City

Blackout blinds, or curtains, are no longer just a token of edgy teenage bedrooms. They’re back in style, with a modern twist that will have you clamoring to hang them up in your home. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of blackout blinds and how far they’ve come.
In 1939, Britain enforced a mandatory blackout due to the threat of enemy air strikes. Residents were made to hang thick curtains made of black cotton over their windows at night so that not even a twinkle of light could escape, and even car headlights were to be covered with small shades. Though these were frustrating times, homeowners came to like the privacy and peace blackout curtains provided, and decided to keep them up after the war was over.
The purpose of these dark drapes has now extended far past home safety. Most commercially available blackout curtains are woven extra-tight, and are able to block 99% of light and UV rays. Since they trap sunlight, they also trap heat inside your home, meaning you could save on heating costs during the winter. Stylish new roll-up blackout blinds now come in sleek ‘cut-out’ designs that can turn any window into a glamorous New York or London-inspired city skyline, while still letting minimal light into your home. Check out the best ones on the market below!







13 very basic ‘Star Wars’ things to know if you’ve never seen the movies

o you want to observe Star Wars Day (aka #MayThe4th), but you somehow managed to go your whole life without watching any Star Wars movies? Well, the good news is that you’ve got seven months to get caught up on your viewing before The Last Jedi arrives in December. But it might help if you came in knowing 13 extremely basic Star Wars things so you can blend in as well as Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic hand (we’ll get to that):

1. There are three “original” movies which came out before the three “prequel” movies. Rogue One takes place between them.


The first Star Wars (later subtitled A New Hope) made its debut in 1977. Two sequels followed: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). Those three movies, which followed protagonists Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford), are also referred to as Episodes IV, V and VI, respectively.

Then there was a 16-year gap before the next Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace (1999), the first of three prequels. Two more films (both depicting events before A New Hope) followed: Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005). The prequels are Episodes I, II and III, and they focus on Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd and then Hayden Christensen), Padme Amadala (Natalie Portman), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor, who’s also in the original films played by Alec Guinness) and Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson).

Chronologically, 2015’s The Force Awakens, aka Episode VII, is set about 30 years after Return of the Jedi. That movie centers on Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and an older Han and Leia. Rogue One immediately precedes the story of A New Hope and mostly focuses on new players including Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna).

2. The title crawl is the signature way Star Wars films open.

title crawl

Every movie in the Star Wars saga, aside from Rogue One, begins with scrolling text that explains what happens right before the movie begins. In Star Wars: A New Hope, the opening crawl starts like this:

“It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.”

Those “Rebel spies”? They’re good guys Jyn and Cassian. So it’s not a spoiler to say Rogue One is about them stealing secret plans to the Death Star, because Star Wars fans have known that all along. That brings us to another thing …

7 ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ questions you were too afraid to ask

3. That big round thing? That’s the Death Star.








Here’s the Death Star in ‘Star Wars: Episode IV.’ (Photo: Lucasfilms)

The Death Star is a giant spherical space station constructed by the Galactic Empire, aka Darth Vader and the bad guys. The Death Star is famously destroyed in A New Hope. But the villains have more battle stations after that: Death Star II and Starkiller Base.

4. Luke and Leia, in the original films, are the children of Padme and Anakin, from the prequels. This makes for awkwardness.









(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Leia, who’s a princess when we meet her in A New Hope, is related to Luke, who works on a farm with his aunt and uncle at the start of the movie. The characters don’t find out until Return of the Jedi that they are actually long-lost twins who were adopted by different families. This is a very surprising revelation, considering Luke crushed on Leia when he first saw her, and Leia planted a kiss on Luke’s lips in The Empire Strikes Back (though it was mostly to make Han Solo jealous). Their parents are Padme, a queen and senator who died (of something like a broken heart) after giving birth to them, and Anakin, who abandoned them, because he turned to the Dark Side. More on that …

5. Anakin becomes Darth Vader. These are the basics, people.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is the bad guy in the original movies — the killer in the black mask who breathes loudly. He used to look like the blond-haired Christensen and was a Jedi, which is a good knight who uses the metaphysical power of the Force to guard justice in the galaxy, but eventually he turned to the Dark Side. Before doing that, Anakin married and had babies with Padme, whom he met when he was only a child in The Phantom Menace. (Don’t worry: They didn’t fall in love until he was legal.)

In the original movies, the full-on baddie Darth Vader eventually tells Luke, in a battle in Empire Strikes Back, that he is Luke’s father. (If you know one thing, you probably know this.) In the same fight, Luke’s right hand gets chopped off by a lightsaber (those laser swords). Eventually, Luke gets a fantastic prosthetic hand and has a rematch with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, where Vader redeems himself by saving Luke from the even more evil Emperor, and then dies shortly after.

6. There’s a debate about whether ‘Han Solo shot first.’

Han, a smuggler-turned-good guy worthy of Leia’s affections in the original films, is introduced about halfway through A New Hope in a cantina. While in the cantina, he’s approached by a bounty hunter called Greedo and the two have a confrontation. In the 1977 theatrical version of Star Wars, Han fires before Greedo gets the chance to shoot at Han. In later versions of the movie, the scene is changed to show the two shooting at the same time, or Greedo firing a split-second before Han. This edited scene has spurred much debate among Star Wars fans, because many think that it’s important for Han to have shot first, in order for his character arc (going from not-so-nice guy to hero) to be better. Creator George Lucas disagrees.

7. Droids R2-D2 and C-3PO are BFFs. K-2SO is the droid in Rogue One.

R2-D2 (the late Kenny Baker), aka “Artoo-Detoo,” is a spunky and loyal little robot who fights, decodes, fixes and makes adorable sounds. His counterpart C-3PO (Anthony Daniels), also written as See-Threepio, is a humanlike protocol droid fluent in many languages. He often worries about (and pokes fun at) Artoo, in his fancy butler-like voice. Both droids are in all of the live-action Star Wars movies. K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) is the giant, sarcastic droid star of Rogue One.

One more thing: When people say the line “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” they are quoting Obi-Wan in the first Star Wars, who, via Force, convinces Stormtroopers (bad guys in white helmets) not to take R2-D2 and C-3PO.

8. Chewbacca and Han Solo are BFFs.

Han owns the Millennium Falcon ship, which he flies with co-pilot Chewbacca, nicknamed “Chewie.” Chewie is a 7-foot-tall Wookiee, a hairy, bipedal mammal who speaks in growls. The two encounter Luke and Obi-Wan, a Jedi master, in a cantina in A New Hope (the same one Han shot Greedo in), and go on to join them, and later Leia, in Rebel attacks against the evil Empire.

9. Leia loves Han. He knows.

After being too shy to admit their love for one another, Leia does eventually tell the “scoundrel” (as she calls him) Han that she loves him, before he gets frozen in carbonite in Empire Strikes Back. His memorable response? “I know.” Leia gets to say the “I know” line back to Han in Return of the Jedi.

10. Han and Leia had a child: Kylo Ren. Not a nice guy.

In the time between Episode VI and Episode VII, Han and Leia had a child, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Kylo Ren is a big fan of his maternal grandfather, Darth Vader, and wants to finish what Vader started. Unlike his mom and uncle (Luke, who tried to give him Jedi training), Kylo Ren has embraced the dark side of the Force, and winds up killing his father. Note: Children watching their parents die is a theme in Star Wars.

11. Jar Jar Binks: Not a fan favorite.

OK, now back to the prequel films: We encounter the good-hearted, amphibious Jar Jar Binks, a Gungan, in The Phantom Menace. People actively dislike this guy. Though apparently meant to be a funny sidekick, Jar Jar Binks is more often perceived as the worst character of the franchise, whose clumsiness gets him and his crew (Padme and Jedis Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn) into trouble. Jar Jar is naive, sounds Jamaican, has a unique dialect (saying “Meesa” instead of “I”) and is the subject of conspiracy theories. Fans saw less of the CGI character in subsequent films.

12. When people purposefully sound dyslexic, they are likely quoting Yoda.

Have you heard people say things like, “Patience you must have, my young Padawan,” or “Powerful you have become”? Those are Yoda quotes. (By the way, “Padawan” basically means a Jedi-in-training.) The wise Yoda, though elderly and small, is one of the most powerful Jedi masters in the universe. He appears in both prequel and original Star Wars films (he’s hundreds of years old), most notably teaching Luke, the franchise hero, how to harness the Force.

13. ‘May the Force be with you.’

This is a Star Wars phrase often used as a way to say “goodbye and good luck.” On fan holiday Star Wars Day, which takes place on May 4, Jedi faithful say “May the 4th be with you.” Get it?

‘Ajin: Demi Human’ Drops an Incredible Live Action Teaser

Fans of freaky paranormal stories, buckle up. The dark Japanese demon story Ajin is being adapted into a live-action film, and the first teaser makes it look awesome.
Gamon Sakurai’s Ajin: Demi Human manga follows a societal eruption when Japan discovers that half-demon, half-human creatures live among them. Demi-humans, as they’re called, don’t know what they are until they’re killed — they respawn horrifically at the scene of their deaths, and after a while, they’re able to produce black, ghostly creatures out of their souls. These creatures, called IBM (Invisible Black Matter), are only visible to other demi-humans, but they can kill anyone.

When teen Kei Nagai is hit by a bus, he comes back to life in the middle of the crowd mourning him, and he has to escape into the woods to evade government capture. Kei is the third known Ajin (demi-human) in Japan, and he suddenly becomes a wanted criminal. He soon learns that demi-humans, like full humans, are cruel, and will stop at nothing to protect themselves.


Director Katsuhiro Motohira’s live-action film has aged Kei (Takeru Sato) up quite a bit, making him a twenty-something medical intern, rather than a high school student. Other than that change, however, it appears the film will stay faithful to both the manga and the popular anime series.


The film’s first teaser depicts a couple of Season 1’s most thrilling scenes, including Kei’s transformation (0:01 – 0:07), Kei being experimented on when he’s captured (0:07), Sato’s press junket in which he tells the public that Japan is cruelly experimenting on Ajins (0:14 – 0:16), and Kei and Sato shooting themselves in order to respawn with full health (0:18 – 0:20). What we don’t get is a full shot of an IBM, but perhaps those will come in time.