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The second trailer for the reboot of Stephen King’s IT has been released and it looks terrifying.

The film, which is a remake of the original 1990 miniseries, is based on Stephen King’s book and tells the story of seven children who are stalked by a predatory, shape-shifting being referred to as IT. IT usually takes the form of a properly creepy looking clown called Pennywise. Tim Curry played the original; the reboot will see Bill Skarsgard will put his own spin on the eponymous being.

Director Andrés Muschietti told USA Today: “It’s established that Pennywise takes the shape of your worst fear.

“He doesn’t have a steady behaviour, he doesn’t expose how he thinks, and that’s what makes him really unpredictable.

“And because no-one knows what he’ll do next or how, the space between appearances – with the occasional red balloon creepily floating by – becomes a feeling of dread that grows in people’s minds.”

I first saw IT when I was about eight and I’ve been scared of clowns ever since. It’s only been in the past couple of years I’ve been able to be near a clown without running off, and just as it looks like I might be getting over it, Warner Bros and New Line Cinema decide to do this.

The second trailer was dropped at the MTV Movie and TV Awards last night and fans are already pretty excited:

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